All of the dispensaries in Colorado have one thing in common. You have to go through a waiting room that has stringent identification requirements before you go into the actual dispensary to purchase your legal marijuana. I have over heard many people say it would be so much nicer if you could order their weed like they do a burrito at a drive-thru.

Controversial FDA Report Says No Medical Benefit From Marijuana
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Now, you won't have to wait much longer to pick up your stash at a drive-thru window. Parachute, Colorado will have our state's first drive-thru dispensary. The dispensary, named Tumbleweed, will have a drive up option out of an old car wash and will be called Tumbleweed Express in the next few months across from their current location.

From the Aspen Times, the drive-thru will be like ordering from any other drive-thru... Except marijuana.


Source: Aspen Times

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