Sometimes the wildlife here in Colorado can get themselves into some pretty interesting predicaments.

According to a tweet from Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Southeast Region, a deer fawn found itself trapped in a sewer drain and needed to be rescued.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Have A Pretty Interesting Job

Sometimes CPW responds to reports about moose attacks and other times it's about a moose getting trapped in a basement. Yes, that really happened! No matter what the situation, when it comes to wildlife, CPW always knows just what to do.

Deer Fawn Gets Stuck in Colorado Drain Sewer

There's not an explanation as to why or exactly how the deer found itself in the sewer. Perhaps Pennywise somehow enticed the clown with promises of tasty foliage?

Deer often leave their fawns alone for long periods of time, but that does not mean these fawns are lost or have been abandoned. CPW urges the public to refrain from touching or picking up fawns and to leave all wildlife babies alone.

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