If you're looking for a new job in Colorado then chose the best and look into starting a career with a top-ranked company.

Forbes teamed up with market research company Statista to poll Americans and determine which companies are the most highly favored by employees giving us the top 15 employers in Colorado.

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The "Great Resignation" Really Isn't Shocking

People leave their jobs for a large variety of reasons such as:

  • poor management,
  • low pay,
  • little to no benefits,
  • unrealistic scheduling,
  • and of course burnout

A lot of major employers were shocked when Americans across the country quit their jobs following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the harsh reality really wasn't very shocking for a majority of workers who understood exactly where their peers were coming from.

Working for a company that does not share some of your most basic values can be extremely difficult, so workers chose to find a company that does.

How Forbes Determined the Best Employers in Colorado

70,000 Americans that worked for companies with over 500 employees were surveyed by Statista to determine which companies were the best.

With the data collected by Statista, Forbes was able to recognize 1,382 employers ranked as the best in America. From there Forbes was able to determine the best employers by state with 246 of America's top companies ranking highly across multiple states.

The top companies across Colorado and America all shared qualities such as, "fair pay, safe working conditions, and an inclusive culture." These companies are recognized for hearing the opinions of their employees and actually working towards positive change.

Colorado's Top 15 Employers in 2022

The following companies have been ranked as the best in the Centennial state in 2022 by Forbes:

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