Have you ever worked in retail, customer service, or anywhere you might encounter a rude customer? I know I have and there has always been the urge to stand up for yourself when someone is just being flat-out mean and entitled.

Karens can run rampant and one Colorado Karen called a bakery demanding a large cake that would be big enough for 120 people to be made for her in less than 24 hours. I am not a baker, but I do know that a cake of that size would need a little bit more notice than less than a day.

This is exactly what happened to one baker in Colorado. Cassie Tingley owns Love + Flour Bakery in Fountain, Colorado. The phone call took place at approximately 9 p.m. and the customer was demanding that a cake be made for 120 people for the very next day.

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Tingley explained to the would-be customer on the phone that she could not make a cake of that size and with the requests she was asking for in that short of time. The rude woman responds to Tingley's statement by saying:

You realize I am the one with the money, right, and you're not? I am the one that is hiring you.

Tingley, visibly taken aback by the statement, told the woman on the phone that the statement she made was incredibly rude. A couple more unpleasantries from the woman on the phone were exchanged before she called her a name and the gloves came off.

The phone call was recorded and posted to TikTok and you can see the interaction below. Please be advised, that the video does contain explicit language.

The video of the interaction went viral garnering more than 16 million views on Tingley's personal Tiktok account. The video on the social media platform also picked up the attention of numerous news outlets like the Daily Mail and Fox News.

Users on TikTok chimed in applauding Tingley for maintaining her composure throughout most of the call and then defending herself when she felt it was warranted.

That scratched an itch for me, I have always wanted to talk to rude customers that way. Thank you!

Ma'am, you just healed my customer service soul.

What do you think? Did the customer deserve the response from this Colorado baker? Because I totally think she did. You cannot expect to be rude and talk down to someone and then play the victim when they defend themself in a situation like this. She did what we only dream about actually doing to a rude customer. For that, I think she is awesome.

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