When I was a kid, I was told by teachers, mentors, and adults that to have the life I wanted, I had to go to college. This is not an uncommon narrative for students of my generation.

Many people in my generation regret going to college. Student loan bills are stacking up and many degrees do not guarantee a job like we were told in the past.

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College is important for many jobs but will become a whole lot less important in Colorado in 2024.

Colorado Companies Eliminating Job Requirements


Intelligent.com reports that 45% of companies are planning to eliminate bachelor’s degree requirements in many roles starting in the new year.

That is nearly half of all companies in Colorado.

This will make finding good-paying jobs in Colorado a lot easier for many residents.

This shows that having a bachelor’s degree is becoming less of a priority for companies across the country. Are bachelor’s degrees still important for many roles within companies? Absolutely. But this goes to show that a degree will not be as important for entry-level jobs.

More people will be able to start a job from the entry-level and work their way up.

It looks like companies will value experience over education.

Times Are Changing in Colorado Thanks to One Generation


Gen Z is changing the world whether we like it or not. Business Insider called the generation a major threat to American colleges. Just 39% of Gen Z believe that college is valuable. They believe that a college education is important, however, the cost is simply not worth it.

Will college get cheaper because there will be less demand? Only time will tell, but we can certainly see that the workforce is shifting, changing, and evolving.

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