A legend has passed and it's time to recognize, remember, and respect "the Big Kahuna" elk of Estes Park. Although it sounds more like a legend than anything else, this elk was about as real as it gets.

He roamed and was well known, even loved by many throughout the Estes Park area for over a decade. He actually became quite the star on social media because when people saw him, they just had to take a pic of him.

You can tell the impact that the Big Kahuna made on so many people by the outpouring of support on social media since his passing:



With all of that being said, it's very important to keep your distance when you do see a wild animal in their element, in the wild. Whether it be an elk, bear, mountain lion, moose, anything, they're wild for a reason to please be respectful and keep your distance because it could just save your life and the animal's too.

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