A classic vampire movie is coming to the Rialto Theater Center on Halloween. Nosferatu, a 1922 black and white silent horror film, is based on the story of Dracula and is considered to be one of the best horror films of all time. Live musical accompaniment will be provided by pianist Hank Troy during the film on October 31.

About the film

Nosferatu is a 1922 black and white silent film directed by F. W. Murnau and the earliest surviving adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Produced by Prana Film, a short-lived German film studio dedicated to producing occult and supernatural films, the story unfolds as German real estate agent Thomas Hutter leaves his wife in the care of friends and visits Transylvania to meet a new client, Count Orlok. Terror ensues as Count Orlok’s vampire nature is revealed alongside a growing interest in Ellen, Hutter’s loving wife.

About Hank Troy

Live musical accompaniment for the film will be performed by pianist Hank Troy, best known for his performances with the Chautauqua Silent Film Series. Troy has been playing for silent movies since 1971 and has accompanied over 1,000 films. Over the past 44 years, he’s mastered the art of creating music to match the action taking place on the big screen. What’s even more impressive, however, is the fact that Troy improvises during his performances and often makes the harmonies and melodies up as he goes along. Although he prepares for performances by watching the films ahead of time and taking notes on the sequence of events, all Troy’s performances include a degree of improvisation, thus making each screening a one-of-a-kind silent movie experience.

Ticket Info

Tickets to Nosferatu are $12 and are available at the Rialto box office and online at rialtotheatercenter.org. For questions about this film or other upcoming events at the Rialto, contact the box office at (970) 962-2120.

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