This isn't the first time that we have taken the plunge into the conversation of tardiness. A while back we shared findings that chronic tardiness may be linked to ADHD, now we find that you just might be hardwired to be late.

Tardiness You Could be Hardwired to be Late OSTILL ThinkStock
Tardiness You Could be Hardwired to be Late OSTILL ThinkStock

Being late may be hardwired in you, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No, you will likely never really ever be on time, but this study shows that chronically late people are more optimistic that most.

If you are a person that arrives late, you have likely been late all of your life and it doesn't matter if the event is happy or dreadful.

Stop listening to those around you who keep telling you that you are inconsiderate, uncaring or worse yet...lazy!

Researchers have found that continuously late are generally more optimistic and hopeful than their on-time counterparts. In fact, the chronically tardy may actually be healthier and better at dealing with stress. These skills alone are worth the tardiness in our life as reducing stress lessens your chances for cardiovascular disease and it strengthen your immune system.

So if you have ever awakened early only to find yourself still running late, relax, the likelihood of that changing is not real great. Your hopelessly hopeful and believe that you can fit way more into any amount of time than others and you thrive when multitasking.

(this is likely too why when in an argument you are the first one to concede or get bummed when the other party wants to keep trying to iron out the reason you are arguing in the first place... you're more of a 'it happened, let's have cake now' person!'

Unless you are so late consistently that your job is in jeopardy, keep being you... hopeful and optimistic.




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