Photo credit: Graeme Robertson/Getty Images
Photo credit: Graeme Robertson/Getty Images

When you hate your job and feel like it's time for a change, usually you'll find another job and (hopefully) quit the other peacefully. Or you can just call in a false bomb threat to your workplace. (Actually, don't do that.)

Kristofer Pregent, 22, was so fed up with his job at the Barry Callebaut chocolate factory in Vermont and wanted to get fired, he stole a coworker's cellphone and made a false bomb threat under a different worker's name on Monday night.

Police say Pregent threw the cellphone in a toilet, told them he received the threat, and later retracted his statement.

Pregent told officers he was unhappy with his job and no longer wanted to work at the chocolate factory.

He was charged with false public alarm, petit larceny, and unlawful mischief.

Obviously bomb threats are not something to joke about. Front Range Community College has been dealing with a string of bomb-related and other threats in the last week - not cool.

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