You can see this aa real life-saver for Wyoming folks. You won't have to get a ride all the way to DIA to get out of town. There are a couple of catches, however.

They'll be a few less cars on the interstate when it comes to those big flying holidays, like Thanksgiving. KGWN in Cheyenne has the story on how there's a new airline in Cheyenne that will take folks out of the state- without them having to get to DIA.

It may not be VERY convenient, as there's only ONE flight a day, the plane only holds 50 passengers, and its only destination is Dallas/Forr Worth! From there you can go anywhere- like DIA., and travelers won't have to pay to park their cars-they can (hopefully) get a ride to the airport!

Good Luck, SkyWest!

Get the full story from KGWN HERE!

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