Colorado is filled with so many beautiful spaces and places. Those places are filled with various forms of wildlife and one of the most popular, without a doubt, is elk.

In fact, there are more elk in Colorado (almost 300,000) than most other states combined!

We've had so many different stories about elk which just seem to grow and grow each and every year.

We've had elk that have gotten themselves in precarious predicaments, we've heard about elk making surprise visits to homes during all hours of the night, and we've seen cranky elk that, let's face it, I'd be cranky too if I was an elk and some people were trying to get all up in my business. Keep your distance!

Now, this is a different kind of elk story. This one doesn't involve anyone getting too close or the elk getting stuck or doing anything really other than just being an elk.

This video, from a few years ago, was one that's actually been making the rounds again on the internet. It shows a male elk out in Cimarron, Colo. with a massive say the least.

In the video, it says that this is a 525-inch elk 75 inches wide Bull Basin Ranch in Cimarron Colorado”.

I certainly wouldn't want to get too close and get that thing mad at me.

Anyways, check out the rack on that thing.

YouTube/Lee Cox

That this is one damn big elk, and that rack is impressive!

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