Everyone loves useless triva and facts so I decided to make it easy and give you a good source to find just that kind of information on a daily basis. Please feel free to check my personal page on a daily basis for all the fun facts that we just don’t need to know.

  • Forest covers one quarter of Russia
  • Siberia used to use solid blocks of tea as currency
  • Before going into space astronauts are not permitted to eat beans
  • Confucius, at age 16 was a corn inspector
  • To keep food from freezing Eskimos use refrigerators
  • During World War Two the only elephant in Berlin was killed by the first bomb dropped by the allies
  • When leaving a cave bats always turn left
  • In Switzerland it is against the law to slam your car door
  • In one night a mole can dig a 300 foot tunnel
  • In Las Vegas it is a crime to pawn your dentures

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