Whether playing this fall or not, this is the team to keep your eye on.

2020 sure is a strange and unfortunate year. On the ever-growing list of things this pandemic has messed up, if a complete college football season. Three conferences aren't comfortable even trying to do a season in the fall so they are looking to push things to the spring. Those schools include the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Mountain West. Others will give it a go and while we all sit holding our breath things don't get canceled.

CBS Sports decided to not let the pandemic win in regards to their annual list of the Best College Football Team in Each State.

They decided to treat the list as they would any other year, looking at the past season performances and the off season moves. CBS is quick to remind us that this is not a list of teams with the most storied success over the years. The furthest they went back to make these decisions was three years and that was only if two teams were too similar in the last year alone.

For Colorado, they selected Air Force.

The Falcons has an undeniable season last year with an 11-win season, plus a bowl game win over Washington State. Ahead of this season, Air Force was picked to win the Mountain West title. It's hard to deny the magic that's happening under the leadership of head coach Troy Calhoun, who has held the position since 2007.

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