We can agree that Colorado State University kind of holds 'underdog' status next to the University of Colorado Boulder after countless defeats in the Rocky Mountain Showdown (though if you do count them, reportedly, CU has 67 wins, CSU 22, two ties).

Colorado's two biggest collegiate rivals have been competing in the annual football 'showdown' since 1893, and CSU, formerly known as Colorado Agriculture College, didn't have its first victory until 1912 (source: Collegian).

But, in 1919, the Aggies defeated CU while on their home turf in Fort Collins — and there is 97-year-old footage to prove it. (Also, I love how the crowd looks like they're about to board the Titanic, while in the bleachers at a college football game — no kegs, tailgating, jerseys and face paint here!) Check it out:

Was this the last time CSU beat CU? No... but it seems like it.

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