This fifteen-minute video is somewhat mind-blowing to those who might think that elk only eat vegetation.

The video of a cow elk starts off innocently enough when it appears she is frolicking around with some starlings near a body of water. According to Good Bull Outdoors, the Youtube channel that captured the video, the elk was actually hunting the starling birds. Good Bull Outdoors does not state where the video was captured, however, the channel's 'About' section states they are based in the state of Colorado.

Credit: Good Bull Outdoors Youtube
Credit: Good Bull Outdoors Youtube

At around the five-minute mark in the video, the cow elk sets her sights on two Canadian geese and their goslings in the meadow. The two geese try their best to protect the goslings from the elk. One Canadian goose is nearly trampled in the incident.

With both of the adult geese and one gosling in the water, the elk hones in on the remaining four goslings in the meadow. The eleven-minute mark in the video shows how cruel nature can be when the elk grabs the gosling by the head, bites down, and shakes the gosling around.

The elk seems to play with the gosling's lifeless body while chewing on its feet before losing interest in the baby goose and meandering away. The video closes out with a shot of the two adult Canadian geese paddling with their remaining five goslings in the water.

Source: Youtube

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