Every person in Colorado has tips and tricks for their car during the harsh winter months. If your car is parked outside, you know it can be annoying to scrape your windshield every morning. It takes up time and energy, and we are all finding a quick fix that will not hurt our vehicles.

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Quick side note: I have seen people be satirical online and suggest putting boiling water on their windshields. That is a hoax. Please do not do that. This major tip might seem strange, but we promise you that it works.

Cat Litter During Winter Months in Colorado


When I started driving, my mom gave me a tip and I rolled my eyes. I have tried it a few mornings this month. Believe it or not, keeping cat litter in your car can reduce nearly all of the frost inside your vehicle.

I went down a rabbit hole online to find out if this was just a weird thing that my mom recommended. She recommends a lot of strange DIY hacks.

If you put cat litter in a tube sock and tape it up, it helps dramatically. Here is what Reader's Digest says.

The idea is that the litter, designed to absorb cat urine, will absorb the moisture in your car that causes glass to fog up.

One Major Suggestion


Reader's Digest also recommends that using non-clumping and crystal cat litter works best.

So if you have a cat, go ahead and steal some of their litter. If they do, go to the grocery store because you are running low.

If you do not have a cat, we recommend buying some. The Tidy Cats Febreeze brand probably smells better than the six coffee cups in your backseat.

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