The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota says yes a potentially deadly virus can cure cancer.

Mayo Clinic Cures Cancer TSM
Mayo Clinic Cures Cancer TSM

Exciting news today out of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic has beaten cancer. 49-year old Stacey Erholtz had suffered from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, for ten years. Erholtz was out of options and was chosen for the clinics test trial, only previously tried on mice. She was injected with enough measles vaccine to inoculate 10 million people. Almost immediately, a golf ball sized tumor on her forehead disappeared.

Although, now six months later, Erholtz is the only one of the two patients treated to be cancer free Steven Russell, a Mayo Clinic hematologist, the man behind the trial believes this is a milestone in medicine. The Mayo Clinic is now moving into phase two of the clinical trials and is hoping to have FDA approval in 4 years.

[Source:USA Today]

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