The Denver Broncos kick off the highly anticipated 2022-23 football season this week with a Monday night battle in Russel Wilson's old stomping grounds, Seattle, Washington. While there will be some new faces both on the Broncos roster and the coaching staff this year, something that's not expected to change too much again, that's the uniforms.

Since the beginning of the 1996 season, when the Broncos switched up logos and freshened up the uniforms as well, they've been pretty consistent with what they wear and how they look during games.

With the exception of going back from the navy blue jerseys as the primary home colors, from 1997 to 2011, the Broncos brought back the orange jerseys as the primary home jersey. As for the road, unless the home team prefers to wear light colors, the Broncos are usually decked out in their white jerseys, white pants with navy blue trim and a little splash of orange.

This year, the Broncos will wear the navy blue jerseys for three games, and as for the road, those will still be white on white with the blue trim.

That's expected to be the look on opening night in Seattle. And thanks to the Denver Broncos, they've released their uniform schedule for the entire season for their home and away games, including which game will feature the "throwback" uniform with the old school "D logo." Let's take a full look at some of the Broncos looks from over the years. Do you have a favorite or least favorite?



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