The festival for LEGO lovers is coming back to Colorado later this year. Brickfest Live has announced that the festival will come to Crowne Plaza at Denver International Airport on November 18 and 19.

Brickfest Live is an event for brick and LEGO fans alike to come and explore all things that involve building with the popular toy. At Brickfest Live, you can experience life-sized models, tons of activities, entertainment, and more.

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Brickfest Live will also be a place to meet contestants from the LEGO Masters television show and also see Cosplayers with costumes good enough to be on the big screen. Brickseek Live will have the most hands-on attractions for young and old brick lovers.

Other Cool Exhibits at Brickfest Live

One of the coolest exhibits of Brickfest Live has to be the Glow Zone. The Glow Zone is filled with bricks that will shine and glow in backlights. Making this a totally groovy experience.

Other exhibits at Brickfest Live include a Graffiti Wall, Mosaic Gallery, Derby Races, Minecraft Zone, Floor Mural Zone, and much more. One of the specific attractions sounds quite a bit painful, however. If you have ever stepped on a single LEGO, you know the pain. Well, one attraction at Brickfest Live is a pit full of bricks. 200,0000 of them to be exact. Even though it might sound a bit uncomfortable to lay on, I am sure it will be a great photo opportunity.

Brickfest Live in Denver

Denver's Brickfest Live at the Crowne Plaza will be located at 15500  East 40th Avenue. Tickets to Brickffest Live start at $16.99 for general admission and go all the way up to $37.99 for VIP tickets. Purchase tickets to Brickfest Live HERE.

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