Am I the only one who isn't all warm and fuzzy about the Ted Williams story. Ted is the former homeless guy with the great voice who has been all the over the media this last week. I am one who believes in second, third, fourth and more chances in life but I am not feeling this one.

Ted Williams

I think Ted has a great voice, but so do so many other broadcasters who greatly deserve and would appreciate the offers he is getting. People much more deserving of the opportunity. People who had background checks done and interviewed but were told no. People who are also trying to make money and feed their families. This man has had many chances to get it together in the past and never has. Why will this time be different? I have seen him interviewed many times now and he is just mentally unstable. He needs to be brought in for counseling and mental therapy to help him learn how to be a functional member of society before we give him the free pass to stardom. He needs to learn how to be a self sufficient human before he can even think of handling being a celebrity. This could be a great story several years from now if he has taken this chance and succeeds. I will be the first one to applaud him, but now is not the time. He has done nothing. He has been given a chance. I will wait to see what he does with it before I make him out to be anything special. I watched Dr. Phil yesterday with Ted on. I watched him struggle to be honest answering questions about his life. I watched a man who looked so out of place. I actually felt a bit of pity because he looked so lost and clueless. He is not ready for this and I am afraid we are going to watch him go down in flames as fast as you saw him rise. I hope he can just step back, get out of the spotlight and learn how to be a man and a functional member of society first, then earn his opportunity to succeed. Everyone deserve that.

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