Tonight is the debut of the newly revamped American Idol. This has always been one of my favorite shows. I love to watch people get a chance to live out their dreams, that is the part of the show that is so riveting to me. The show gives a chance to people who normally would never get the chance. I love it. There have been many great country stars to come out the show.

American Idol Judges

We of course know Carrie Underwood is the biggest country megastar the show has produced but it has also given us Kellie Pickler, Bucky Covington, Josh Gracin, Danny Gokey and Phil Stacey who have all had some success in country music. You never know what kind of talent is lurking out there. Who knows, this year we may get another Carrie. I am very interested to see how the new judges handle things. I actually think the contestants may get more helpful feedback than in the past. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are master performers and should be able to give good advice. In past seasons, Paula would tell them what color their voice sounded like, Simon would tell them they sounded like a cat with a hairball and Randy would say "dawg". I have felt the last couple years have been more about the judges and less about the contestants. It sounds like this year will be more about making music the show. I am all for that, it is why I watch,of course a couple horrible acts are entertaining to watch as well. Where would we be without William Hung or "Pants on the Ground" guy. The fun starts tonight and I will be glued.

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