A man who was previously interviewed by federal investigators for creating "hunting guide" for Jews and Muslims has been arrested for possession of child pornography in Boulder.

Wesley David Gilreath was arrested after a RTD employee found child pornography on his phone after he left it on a public bus. Police got a search warrant for the phone and found out that Gilreath was the owner. After searching his home police found more than 1,000 illicit images between his phone and another device he owns.

Authorities also say that Gilreath had "numerous" white supremacist documents, failed to appear in court, and had recently tried to purchase a gun. Local authorities also found evidence that the FBI had contacted him about "hunting guides" he posted online. The FBI says the guides "contain information that may be used to violently target individuals or entities with belief systems, identities, ethnicity, religion, political views or other matters antithetical to their own."

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