It was on this date in 1956 that the VCR was invented. Can you imagine a world without being able to watch movies at home? I can remember when you would go to the video store and rent a top loading VHS machine and spend a whole weekend watching movies. It was amazing that you could watch a real movie at home. The technology blew us away and so did the price of movies. They used to cost $60-70 apiece because they were only selling them to video stores and not the general public.

We have come a long way from those days. You can now pop in a Blu Ray or stream a movie on Netflix. I am still a dinosaur and have a DVD/VHS combo player. I am not a technology geek and will get to Blu Ray one day but not yet and I thought streaming was another term for fishing or going number one. I am out of the loop. How about you? How do you watch movies at home?

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