Coffee is my life! I love coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and late at night. Whether its served black or foo foo style, I love coffee. In Fort Collins there are many coffee houses to choose from, each offering their own flare. The following is a list of my top 5 coffee houses in Fort Collins. I have not put them in any particular order as they all have a different vibe.

moxie logo

Moxie Java has a special place in my heart as this is where I met my James. I was addicted to the 20 oz Mocha. The Baristas are friendly and never forget a face. Moxie Java is a franchise and owned locally. Nowadays when I frequent Moxie Java, I find myself ordering either the sugar free, non-fat milky way or an iced caramel machiato with soy. Next time you stop by look to the first bench booth nearest the door against the way and smile, that's where James and I had our first coffee together.

starry night

Starry Night is in old town Fort Collins and has a very whimsical feel. And this top 5 best coffee list wouldn't have been complete without it. Many nights you will find students studying quietly in a corner with their laptops. Other times you will be exposed to great local musicians who set up shop near the front of the shop. For a weekday night or a weekend day, Starry Night offers an artsy, laid back old town feel. And their Baristas are phenomenal 'foam artist's'.


Mugs is nestled in between two of my favorite places in old town, the Chocolate Cafe and the Armstrong Hotel. Mugs is an earthy place to rest. In the heart of old town the place buzzes with an eclectic crowd. In one corner you'll see a college student studying in another a young couple planning their life. And yes, you will find teens lounging downstairs, professionals plotting to save the world and old farts like me resting in a comfy window seat looking out at beautiful old town. Mugs is organic, natural, huge on recycling and they like to give back to the community.

The Human Bean is Crazy good, convenient and another of my top 5 best

human bean

coffee house choices in Fort Collins. Two-sided drive thru's and a chocolate covered coffee bean with your order. The Baristas are so nice and fast to take and make your order. The Human Bean supports farm friendly direct programs, keeping green bean farmers thriving globally. Through these programs the Human Bean helps promote ethical farming practices and helps protect the environment.

bean cycle

The Bean Cycle is a very laid back and easy going coffee house in old town Fort Collins. Tucked away inside you'll find the Matter bookstore, lofts and couches. You'll find the studying college student, but you are more likely to find a diverse group both young and old in a discussion about the planet, city government or where to catch the best bike trail. The coffee is smooth, organic and roasted right. If you've been looking for a coffee house that embraces the true coffee lovers mood, you'll find it at the Bean Cycle.

My coffee house choices always depend on my mood, from there I go forward and grab my cup of Joe and my experience. What are your top 5 best coffee houses in Fort Collins or northern Colorado?