If there's anything we won't compromise on, it's coffee.

For many of us, the day does not begin unless there's coffee. We simply cannot function without that fresh-brewed goodness, whether we make it at home or seek it out at our favorite local shop. Well, when the country shutdown earlier this year, we found ourselves relying solely on our own brewing machines.

How many of you had a minor panic attack?

For some, it was a learning lesson all in itself. I learned how to make coffee at my first radio job, but that doesn't mean I'm entirely good at it. Heck, I have a Keurig to make my coffee and since I'm the only one who drinks coffee in my house, that single-serve system works just fine. But for those who relied on the drive-thru, things needed to change... fast.

A recent survey, conducted by Mr. Coffee, has found that Americans have gotten significantly better at making coffee at home. In fact, 76 percent in the survey say they have devoted at least two hours to the craft. It really is a science. An extra drop of water or and extra teaspoon of grounds can completely change everything.

OK, that may be dramatic.

Our quest for the perfect cup has also led us to buy new equipment to get the job. 38 percent of respondents said they wouldn't have been able to make a proper cup before the pandemic. We might also stick with our new-found system with 66 percent of home brewers planning on sticking to this routine whenever we get out of this mess.

Of course, supporting our local shops is always a good idea too!

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