We hate sharing this news with you, but unfortunately, things like this can happen when wildlife and people coexist. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southeast Region shared a tweet involving a bear cub on Tuesday morning. Sadly, the bear cub has died.

The incident happened in Manitou Springs when a bear cub dug through a garbage bin and got startled. The bear cub raced up a nearby power pole when it got scared and was electrocuted and ultimately died.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that the garbage can was the factor in the bear's demise as it was not locked. No information was given as to the age of the bear cub or where exactly the incident occurred in Manitou Springs.

LIving With Bears in Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife want you to be protected from bears as well as protecting bears from getting into your home. Some helpful tips for those that live in areas where bears are present include:


  • Never feed a bear
  • Secure your trash
  • windows and doors

  • Use bird feeders only in the winter
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Lock vehicles and keep food in the trunk
  • Clean grills after use
  • Never keep food in tents
  • For more information on living with bears, you can visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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