Bear season is about to heat up in the state of Colorado as the bears start to come out of hibernation. Bears will be roaming about looking for food after a long slumber and Coloradans know all too well about the havoc a hungry bear can cause.

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Some of the recent encounters with bears have been caught on camera. One bear even decided to make their way into a Colorado dispensary looking for something to munch on. Check out some of the many bear break-ins caught on camera in the state of Colorado:

Piano Playing Bear - this bear decided it wanted to play the piano when it broke into a Vail home.

Bear Breaks Into Car in Estes Park - A bear broke into a vehicle in Estes Park and it was caught on a dash cam.

Bear Breaks Into Fridge - A bear looks for a late-night snack in the fridge.

Bear Breaks Into Colorado Dispensary - This bear broke into a Lyons dispensary.

Three Bears Break Into a Pizzeria - A mamma bear and her two cubs break into a pizzeria.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says not to feed the bears. For your safety and theirs. Be responsible for trash and bird feeders. Burn food off of the grill and clean after each use. Do not leave food, trash, or anything that smells like it would be a tasty treat in your vehicles. Keep all windows and doors that could be accessible to a bear locked at all times.

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