One becomes a true Coloradan after trying the state's most-talked-about snack – Rocky Mountain Oysters. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, fried bull testicles have become synonymous with Colorado culture and cuisine.

So much so, that a local craft brewery created a beer that's specifically meant to mimic the flavor of this infamous, meaty dish.

Something that started as an April Fool's joke has turned into reality at Colorado's Wynkoop Brewing Company. In 2012, the Denver-based brewery officially debuted a French Oak Aged Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout at the Great American Beer Festival.

But what exactly does Rocky Mountain Oyster flavored beer taste like?

Wynkoop describes the foreign-style stout as having a special malt-like taste featuring notes of coffee, chocolate, wood, and of course...nuts. A twist on their existing stout, this ballsy brew is 8.5 percent ABV. As the name suggests, it's made using 25 bull testicles. They are each cut into slices about a half-inch thick and then roasted. Finally, the roasted bits are added to the mash tun during the mashing process of brewing an eight-barrel batch, three balls per barrel to be exact.

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Beer lovers have limited chances to try this ballsy beverage. Since Wynkoop launched the flavor over 10 years ago, they've occasionally offered it on tap in the brewpub. According to the menu, it's available right now to guests in a 12-ounce draft.

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