It's that time of year again. The time of year when you can hear the kids starting to moan and you can start to faintly pick up the scent of celebratory Mimosa's in the air. Yes, it is back to school time. There are many who are returning today and more and more throughout the week. It has been a fun hot summer and now it's time to get back to a daily routine. I wish all the students good luck this year and hope you have a lot of fun and meet lots of new friends. I also hope the parents enjoy the new found freedom. I know how good that can feel and also how sad it can be watching your young ones venture out on their own. Good luck to you as well.

One thing is certain...your pocketbook can take a beating this time of year. Picking up back to school supplies for the kiddos can be a costly endeavor. How much coin are you dropping on back to school this year? I know it always cost us hundreds of dollars getting clothing and notebooks and so on. How about you? How much will you spend on back to school shopping? Take the web poll and let us know. Good luck to all this school year.

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