Believe it or not, it's been seven years since that one time Fort Collins made national news with THAT pool party. You know the one. 

Sadly, I can say I lived at Ram's Pointe as a CSU student when this happened -- and I missed the whole thing because I was at work.

But, it will forever go down in Fort Collins history as the Ram's Pointe Pool Party of 2011: the time way too many drunk college kids crashed a back-to-school pool party intended for Ram's Pointe Campus Crossing apartment residents because, well, Facebook.

Of the thousands of party goers, multiple people were hospitalized, some arrested, and urban legend has it, security was thrown into the pool (not confirmed). Thankfully, nobody died that day, aside from Fort Collins' dignity.

Let's take a moment to fondly remember the Ram's Pointe Pool Party of 2011, appropriately set to L.M.F.A.O.'s 'Party Rock,' seven years later... 


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