Valentine's Day is around the corner which means love is in the air, both in Colorado and across the country. Couples everywhere are scheduling reservations, buying gifts,  and planning romantic date nights for February 14th.

But how are these couples forming in the first place?

A research team from analyzed Google search data for 2023 for 81 dating platforms to see which ones Coloradans are most interested in.

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Besides meeting someone in person aka the old-fashioned way, Tinder is comfortably the most popular dating platform in Colorado, with 38,471 average monthly searches. The dating app launched in 2012 and has since become a cultural phenomenon. Users find matches by swiping right to like and swiping left to dislike other peoples' profiles. If both users swipe right on each other, it's considered a match. Matches can then further message each other through the app to continue the relationship.


But Coloradans might not be as lovey-dovey as couples want to believe. The next most-used dating app in the Centennial State may even be a bit concerning to those in romantic relationships.

With an astonishing 23,663 average monthly searches, Ashley Madison is the second most popular dating platform in Colorado. This dating network is far more scandalous than Tinder, in the fact that it's geared toward people who are married (or in a committed relationship) and looking to have an affair.


Ashley Madison was created in 2002 and became the subject of a national controversy following a data breach in 2015.

Hackers Release Confidential Member Information From The Ashley Madison Infidelity Website
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The high amount of Coloradans seeking out romantic relationships on Ashley Madison may unfortunately signify many unfaithful partnerships happening in the state.

For those using Ashley Madison, you may find yourself joining many other dating websites if you get caught - just sayin'.

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