Plenty of celebrities have pretty strong feelings about the Westboro Baptist Church. The organization has boycotted a number of them — including many of country's finest — and often, the singers have fought back!

Blake Shelton made waves by igniting a Twitter war with WBC. The singer reached out to the group on the social site, asking, "Did y’all ever expand your gene pool or are you still nailing your immediate family members?" It's an ongoing Shelton vs. WBC battle that we've yet to see the end of.

Carrie Underwood was also the victim of a WBC attack, but she didn't respond to the church's outlandish allegations that she was the ones responsible for the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut. They also targeted George Jones' funeral by protesting it, but attendees were asked to help stop them by creating a block between the funeral procession and the picketers. The group has stood outside several stars' concerts, making one ridiculous claim after another.

Vince Gill and Charlie Daniels have been open about their feelings towards the Westboro Baptist Church. Gill confronted them angrily when they picketed one of his shows, while Daniels called them "despicable." Recall five instances when stars were targeted by Westboro Baptist Church in the gallery above.

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