In our search of Youtube for the most unique and entertaining videos, we found one that stands out. It has to do with the worst drivers that the state has to offer.

Now, you might see some of these drivers caught on video and think that you have seen worse.

Which, you probably have. Especially if they are from California.

But one man had his GoPro running in his vehicle and compiled some of the worst that he has seen. Some of them have no regard from a red light and run it completely (we see that often don't we?) while some have a green light and don't understand that is the signal for GO.

Either way, it is time to out them and show the world their driving miscues.

If you watch this video and see yourself, now you know how ridiculous you can look with your driving skills.

If you have done one of these mistakes but aren't in this video, consider yourself lucky!



(Big thanks to Youtube user ColoradoDashCam for posting this video!)

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