Tag, you're it. We all played the game when we were kids. Whether it was a good old fashioned game of tag or freeze tag, it was and still is a right of passage to play tag on the playground.

It was fun, it was entertaining and it was really good exercise. Now, what if I told you that you could play the game of tag professionally as a grown up? Pretty crazy to think right? Well, apparently you can and here in Colorado, it's a pretty big deal.

I had no idea that this existed until just a few hours ago but there is a World Tag Tournament and a team in Denver has just won it and has brought yet another championship to the city of Denver this year.

I doubt there will be a championship parade through the city streets to celebrate the win but I thought it would be pretty cool to recognize these athletes.

Not familiar with parkour? Well, that's what this version of tag is pretty much all about shown off brilliantly by Team APEX, which is from a parkour gym down in Denver called APEX Denver as they just claimed the World Chase Tag Championship that was held in London recently which was aired on ESPN.


YouTube/World Chase Tag


I'm tired just watching that and I think I pulled about 53 muscles as well but I digress.

The speed, the quickness, the agility of these athletes is insane. So once again congratulations to the latest world champions to represent the Mile High City, Team APEX claiming the World Chase Tag Title.

Wanna get a team together and go for next year's title? Go for it:



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