I grew up in Northeast Ohio a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan since I was my son's age (6). I've lived all over the country and have been to a BUNCH of different NFL stadiums but I have to say, what my son and I experienced yesterday at Empower Field just felt a little different...in a great way.

We moved here a little over a year ago and with me being a massive football fan, I was really excited to check out a game at Mile High. Ever since my days of watching the game on TV when I was a kid from old Mile High Stadium, the one thing that always STILL stands out to me to this day was seeing the camera shaking on my television screen during the games because the stadium was so loud, and they had those metal bleachers that people would stomp up and down on and cause the stadium to literally shake.

I kind of forgot about that recently because last year due to COVID-19, there were only a limited amount of people allowed into the stadium. Before that, during the last 4 or 5 years...let's face it, there haven't been too many opportunities to get the place shakin' due to less than stellar teams and just not very good play.

With the Broncos off to a fast start, having a solid team again with the excitement being back at Mile High PLUS this recent home opener being the first game with a sell-out crowd in nearly 2 years, I HAD to go and check out this place for myself...and I'm glad I did, and I'm glad I took the boy, because WOW.


Not only was the experience everything I thought it was going to be and THEN some, Broncos Country showed up in a sea of orange and created an absolute electric atmosphere in a 26-0 shutout of the New York Jets.

It started with the stadium workers and guest relations who let me borrow their sunscreen because "Dad forgot it", as my 6 year old called me out.

This also got me to thinking, and this is something I learned yesterday...on a hot day, if at all possible, don't sit on the East side of the stadium, the West side got much more shade and it was HOT outside. Sitting on the sunnier side of the stadium will come in handy during those winter months though (just a fun little helpful fact I learned during my first visit).

Back to the good people at guest relations-- whereupon realizing that this was our first game, the gentleman in the booth hooked us up with a couple of t-shirts and some sweet "first game pins". T oward the end of the game, when we were shopping at the gift shop, the clerk ringing us up gave us a nice little gift as we were leaving as well and thanked us for coming. In between those two very kind gestures was just a bunch of fun and nice people that we were around.

My son was decked out in his Seahawks jersey and people were so nice, high fiving us and even taking time to toss the Broncos football with us that we bought. It was just a great vibe, Broncos Country was EVERYTHING I thought it was going to be and then some.

Thank you Broncos Country!

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