Any resident knows that Colorado is the best, but the rest of America thinks the Centennial State is pretty darn good, too.

According to a new survey from YouGov, Americans think that Colorado is the second best state in the U.S., trailing only behind Hawaii.

The company determined the rankings through a sports-style knockout, pairing two states together and seeing how many times a certain state came out on top.

Colorado won 65% of its matches, likely thanks to its mountainous outdoor (and legal marijuana) scene. Hawaii won 69% of its matches, while Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, New York, Georgia and Texas also proved to be popular states.

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The survey included Washington, D.C., which, unfortunately, came in last. The most unfavorable states were Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota, Missouri and Kentucky.

States like Wyoming, Connecticut, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Maryland and Utah all ranked as fairly average.

However, hometown pride definitely played a role in the rankings. YouGov reports that those surveyed chose their home state in 77% of the matches, while they chose the state they currently live in 79% of the time.

Mountains and marijuana aside, it's no surprise that Colorado ranks as high (no pun intended) as it does when looking at its cities. Fort Collins is known for being relaxed, Colorado Springs is a great place to find a job, and Denver was considered to be one of the best place for singles in 2020.

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