When you think of the square-like state of Colorado, you don't think of how large the state is. Driving from the western border of Colorado to the east will take you around seven hours and you will drive 459 miles on Interstate 70.

Colorado's square mileage is vast at 104,094 square miles and you might be surprised to know that Colorado is the seventh largest state in the nation. With a state that big, there are a lot of other states that can fit within the borders of Colorado with room to spare.

The smallest state in the nation is Rhode Island with a mere 1,545 square miles. A state that size can fit into the borders of Colorado a whopping 67.3 times and still have a little room left over.

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These 10 states can fit inside the state of Colorado

The 10 smallest states in the United States of America can all fit inside the state of Colorado and still have more than 8,700 square miles left over.


Those 10 states include:

  • West Virginia - 24,230 square miles
  • Maryland - 12,406 square miles
  • Hawaii - 10,932 square miles
  • Massachusetts - 10,554 square miles
  • Vermont - 9,616 square miles
  • New Hampshire - 9,349 square miles
  • New Jersey - 8,723 square miles
  • Connecticut - 5,543 square miles
  • Delaware - 2,489 square miles
  • Rhode Island - 1,545 square miles

While some may think Colorado is an overpopulated state, here is something to think about. All 10 of these states are home to more than 31 million residents. Colorado's population is a mere 5.8 million. Could you imagine if all of those people from all 10 of those states lived within the border of Colorado? Imagine how bad the traffic would be on the interstates in Colorado. Straight up bonkers.

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