I've seen the pics, heard the stories and watched the videos of how brilliant Estes Park was so this past Saturday, it was time to take the trip up to Estes Park and yes...it lived up to all of the hype...and we didn't even scratch the surface of all that the town has to offer.

My wife had to work, so I decided to enjoy the beautiful Saturday and take our 5-year-old and 1-year-old pup on a little exploration. We started our journey in Route 34 and headed up through the incredibly gorgeous Thompson River Canyon and eventually up to Estes Park. We did a little hiking, had a snack and found a really awesome playground for the boy to stretch his legs and make some new friends. Also found a dog park for Lucy the Heeler-Hound.

We did NOT tour the Stanley Hotel because...if I would've done that without my wife she would have went all Jack Torrance on me.  So I used my better judgement on THAT one.

All in in all, it was a nice little daytrip up to one of the most beautiful places on Earth that is practically in our backyard. Can't wait to check it out all decked out in snow and Christmas lights.

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