Summertime sounds like a great time to get those kiddos active again.

The pandemic rocked all of our worlds. Our lives that used to be lived so much outside of the home were now confined under our roof. With gyms closed and recreational sports nonexistent, we became less active. We stocked up on food that made us feel better and signed into out favorite streaming services. Combine this with our altered mental and emotional state (since those can contribute to our overall health) and it's no wonder we put on extra weight.

And so did our kids.

A recent survey found that the average kid in America has gained seven pandemic pounds. It doesn't sound like a ton, but that weight on a smaller frame makes a difference. Kids were also staying at home and not experiencing recess or physical education, nor were they taking part in their normal after-school sports programs. Not to mention, they has access to all of the snacks in the pantry whether you knew it or not.

Now, I don't have kids myself, but I want to encourage you to get your kiddos out this summer for some good wear-me-out fun. Of course, this is not about appearances... they're kids! However, I believe having active kids it not only good for their health, but it will set them on a path of healthy living that will last throughout their lives. As as much as fitness has helped me through this pandemic, I know it can do wonders for their mental and emotional state.

It's time to get the entire family outside!

I remember my mom coming into the living room on a Saturday morning and turning off the television. We knew that we were all going to be outside all day and only come in for a quick lunch. Ah, those were the days.

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