Being neighborly, sometimes just means you're being nice. If you live in the City of Fort Collins there is a program called "Adopt-a-Neighbor" to organize and commit you to shoveling snow for those neighbors in need. City of Fort Collins:

City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Department is committed to maintaining quality of life in the neighborhoods and creating a sense of community. We need your help!

Adopt-a-Neighbor is a program that tries to match residents unable to shovel snow due to disability and financial challenges with neighbors who are willing and able to assist. There is a neighbor in need in your neighborhood. If you are able and willing to help with snow removal, you would be responsible for shoveling their sidewalk within 24 hours of snow accumulating.

If you are interested and able to help out, please email Melanie Clark at or call at 416-2351; please identify the street Constitution Ave in the subject line or in your voice message. We'll send you the necessary form, preferably through email, and help you make contact with the neighbor in need.

Thank you for your consideration. The small act of helping a neighbor is what helps us make a community.

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