It's not just for the play on words. There's actually a strategic reason why over 50 cannabis-related companies have 'sponsored' Colorado streets in recent years. 

According to Fox News, weed-sponsored roadways, which cost the businesses hundreds per month, are actually a form of marketing — and a big loophole around advertising laws in Colorado.

'The companies are prohibited from advertising on television, radio and print unless they can prove the audience is mostly over 21,' Fox News reported. 'Rules for advertising on social media are also restrictive.'

So, pot shops are taking it to the streets, literally.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Marijuana businesses are reaching people by sponsoring (slightly different than 'adopting') stretches of highway near shop locations, and that way, the name and logo appear close to the exit sign. It's kind of like a billboard, but technically not. Additionally, the businesses are keeping that stretch of road clean and free of litter.

There are '51 cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers and edible producers sponsor roadways throughout the state, according to data from the Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation,' The Denver Post said.

The Denver Post shared a photo of a roadside sign placed in the Lakewood area, also seen in the Google Map photo above. You can read more about the signs (and why not everyone thinks this is a great marketing plan) here.

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