Let me start off this blog by saying "I eat meat and I enjoy it". Now that is out of the way let's get to the story of some activists who decided to take it upon themselves to go to a farm in Berthoud and steal chickens, because activism, or something like that.

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Around 30 activists came to the Long Shadow Farm and began to sing. They aslo asked to release the animals to a sanctuary. A few of the activists from the group "Denver Baby Animal Save" went on to the property and asked to hold some of the chickens and proceeded to walkaway with three of them according to 9News.

In my opinion, no matter what way you look at it, what these so called activists did was steal something that simply did not belong to them. They are no better than someone that breaks into someone's car for something they feel they are entitled to just because they want it. If they wanted to free the chickens so badly, my question is this: If you are so insistent on saving the life of an animal, why didn't you pull some cash out of your pocket to pay for them? Instead you stole from someone trying to make a living and I hope they press charges on those who stole the chickens and are forced to pay restitution.


Source: 9News

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