Honey has tons of great benefits! Personally, I like to use honey the most when springtime comes to help knock down my allergies. The best way to do that is with local honey. Since the pollen is taken from the bees in a local area, most of the allergens that might bother you from plants and flowers is turned into honey, giving you a little boost of immunity to those types of pollen. Don't quote me on that, it's only what I have been told from numerous people.

Statewide Drought Takes Toll On California's Honey-Producing Bee Population
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One local honey manufacturer in Northern Colorado is changing their name. You might have heard of  L.R. Rice honey and have probably used it before if you like your local honey. The honey can be found at your local grocery stores on the shelves. But, you need to know that you soon won't be able to find the brand "L.R. Rice" any more. No, they are not going away, they are simply changing their name! The new brand will be called "Local Hive Honey". You'll still get the same great honey, but it will be repackaged and re branded.


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