Northern Colorado seems like it is home to the polarizing roundabout intersection. Many of my friends from Denver often mention the amount we have in our region. This type of intersection is either hated with a passion or loved by drivers. Some Northern Colorado Facebook users hate these types of intersections because they say "drivers with lack of common sense make them more difficult".

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My daily commute takes me through a total of eight roundabouts. Personally, I do not mind them. If the traffic is light, I do not have to stop at those intersections. The worst part about those roundabouts was the construction of them. Having an intersection closed on my regular commute route for months on end was a little inconvenient.

New construction of a roundabout in northern Colorado will begin this fall in the effort to reduce congestion at the intersection of 35th Avenue and O Street in Greeley. The proposal for the roundabout comes from the increased traffic at the intersection and the need for improvements.

According to the Weld County Government, the annual average daily traffic rate for the intersection is 11,320 vehicles. The volume of vehicles at the intersection increased the chance of rear-end and broadside accidents.

The new roundabout at the intersection of 35th Avenue and O Street will be made out of concrete for longer service life and to meet the demand of traffic moving in a circular pattern. The roundabout will also be a wide diameter, much like the roundabout at Weld County Road 54 and County Road 17, to accommodate the needs of semis and agricultural vehicles.

If you would like to find out more about the upcoming roundabout in Greeley, you can visit

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