A green life... a green thumb? A green dress? Oh, a green lawn? Nope, greener for the environment and greener green in your pocket book.

Green Bus

Don't be scared and don't jump on the Big Green Bus feet first. This is something that you can work yourself into. It's a process, one day at a time.

Going green isn't all about sorting your trash till you have six cans in the kitchen; going green is the whole banana. Changing little things like light bulbs and changing big things like recycling; bigger things include the vehicles we drive (we don't have to go there today)

The short list of things you can do today:

  • start using CFL's (light bulbs) and save up to 75% off lighting expenses
  • unplug your appliances when you're not using them, like the toaster, blender and television (saving 100kw a day can save about 34 bucks a year-click the link to see how much 'stand-by' electricity you are using and how much you can save by unplugging)
  • install low-flow shower heads (this is not my favorite option, but it does help to  save significant money)
  • setting your heater or air conditioner just 5 degrees lower in the winter and higher in the summer comes with a 20% annual savings in costs for running these electricity monsters.
  • believe it or not but the water heater is a big energy sucker, turn this puppy down to save
  • wash your clothes in cold water, nearly all the energy to wash comes from the beast in the basement: the water heater. Turn down the water temp when possible and save some cash.


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