Driving can be frustrating, tricky and downright scary at times...and then something like THIS pops up on the road and takes things to a whole new level. Can you imagine driving along a dark, creepy road in the middle of the night and coming up on a headless 12 foot body? Well, that's exactly what happened down in Parker recently.

According to Douglas County Sheriff's, they responded to a traffic hazard on Hilltop Rd at Flintwood around 2am this past Saturday. That traffic hazard just happened to be a headless statue that was about 12 tall...and also was missing it's arms. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


The statue was apparently stolen from a home and in the process of the theft was lost from the getaway vehicle where it was later found by authorities...in pieces in the middle of the road.

Idiots that steal other people's decorations are just another level of awful. People work hard to pay for those decorations and personally,  from putting up Halloween stuff at our house, I can assure you...they're not cheap.

Deputies said the family who owned the statue have a couple of kids, 12 and 14-year-olds who are obviously very upset and disappointed that someone took it and removed some of its parts.

We share that same sentiment and it goes back to what my parents drilled into my head since I was 4...if it doesn't belong to you, keep your hands off of it!


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