It was a matchup for the ages: a 13 to14 pound house cat was outside minding its own business...until it wasn't. That's when the frisky feline smelled something different in the air and decided it was time to investigate under the family's deck in Englewood. It, along with its owners, discovered a mountain lion there that weighed about 60 pounds trying to get some shade from the scorching summer sun.

Did the house cat back down? No way, and thankfully that didn't cost the cat its life as the mountain lion simply wanted to cool off and wasn't looking for a little snack.

According to Fox 31

The family stated that they were in disbelief when their kitty came out from under the deck with his tail all bushy after he had discovered the giant cat under the deck....especially in such a densely populated area like Englewood.

According to Area Wildlife Manager Matt Martinez, “The reason we chose to go hands-on with this mountain lion was because it was so deep in the heart of the city.”

This apparently wasn't the first time a house cat stood its ground against a mountain lion...I did some digging and found THIS classic moment a house cat went nose to nose against a mountain lion on the family's porch in Boulder. I hope that's strong glass.

YouTube/ Tim Irr

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