I sat in the news room scrambling to write a story about a random plane crashing into one of the twin towers when my co-worker started flailing his arms in the air and pointed to the television in the newsroom... another plane had hit. 


9/11 a day, like you, I will never forget. I worked a long day, writing and reporting the event. Reporting the speculation that our soil had actually been attacked and that this was no accident. I talked to many people on the phone, some were crying so hard they could barely speak others were so angry I couldn't understand their words. I didn't have time to feel, I just spent the next 14 hours adsorbing. Absorbing the questions, the disbelief, the sorrow, the anger and the loss. I worked until my boss said go home with your family, hug them for me and get some rest.

When I got home from this day of unexplainable stress and depression I held my babies tightly and didn't want to let go. I had raised my children to be aware of the world, they were always 'made' to watch the Presidents State of the Union Address, they were forced to be knowledgeable of current events (I know, I was tough) :) and encouraged to form their own opinions of the world and the things that went on day to day. This day was hard, the hardest up till then that they had ever had to face, I'd say that may be true for many others as well. Zachariah deflected his anger and pain from this event by displaying anger that football practice had been cancelled, Natasha wept as she did many years earlier when her grandmother died and the little people-Ashley and Colton were just babies 6 and 5 respectfully. They had the hardest time understanding why everyone was sad and why we were all glued to the t.v. waiting and watching for updates. Scared that the attacks would continue, we huddled as a family, talked and cried.

It's important to never forget this day 12 years ago, but it is also important to remember. Remember how close you felt to your family, how for some reason you felt closer to them than you had in years, how important they were. It's so easy to take our lives and our family for granted. I know there are bills to be paid and there never seems to be enough money. I know that your job takes its toll on you and you don't feel like you have anything left to give when you walk in the door each night. I realize that the laundry won't do itself, dinner doesn't just magically appear and that there isn't always enough gas in the car to go to work AND your child's sports event(s), but please try to breathe more often, to hug longer and love larger. Today is all we have and I don't want anyone to miss it.

I will always remember... and will continue to thank the men and women who make this country safe each and everyday so that I may love and live in this great place we call America!

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