Everyone that fell asleep in Colorado last night did not wake up to a winning Mega Millions Jackpot ticket that was worth more than a billion dollars. It's sad and frustrating I know... I feel your pain, as I was one of those people who bought 10 tickets and didn't win squat.


Some lucky duck in that state of South Carolina won the big bucks, but a select few in the state of Colorado were oh so close to having that billionaire status. According to the Denver Channel, seven Colorado residents missed winning the humongous jackpot by one measly number... ONE NUMBER!!! Two of those ticket holders are getting some serious cash though, as they are valued at $30,000. The two tickets were sold at Safeway Fuel Stop on North Rampart Road in Littleton and 7-Eleven on North Sheridan in Denver said the Colorado Lottery. Five other tickets with the numbers that only missed by won will get $10,000. All of those winning tickets were sold throughout the Denver Metro area and Boulder.


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