People are looking at the bright side of this big COVID mess.

It's not easy to look for the positive when there is so much negative around you. It's hard to practice gratitude when there's little to be thankful for. However, if you can look for reasons to be thankful, you will always find them.

With that being said, many people are thankful for the opportunity to work from home.

So many offices closed because of COVID-19 and turned many people's lives upside down. There were those who were laid off and I think it left the rest of us thanking our lucky stars that our jobs could be done remotely. In fact, this may become the new normal for many of us. A recent survey conducted by WalletHub found that about 60 percent of Americans think this pandemic has changed work for the better.

Mostly because we don't have to wear real pants, right?

There are other benefits to having remote jobs for both the employer and the employee. There's less overhead cost when it comes to maintaining a physical office space. I also think employees are less stressed because there isn't a daily commute sucking their soul dry.

The survey also went on to say that almost a third of Americans believe that physical offices are a thing of the past. Technology has streamlined a lot of daily operations anyway. Plus, if working from home is an option, 33 percent of Americans will choose to live closer to family and outdoor activities. I'm sure many people are looking for reasons to get out of the city too.

As far as missing anything in an office environment, 27 percent said they don't miss one thing.

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